IRM 700

The processor controlled impulse reflectometer IRM 700 with LCD-display is designed for fault location and check up of telecommunications lines and mains leads. Additional the return loss will be determined for a more accurate analysis. It is handy and easy to operate.
+ Length measurement on the leading edge of the reflected pulse
+ Return loss measurement on the reflected pulse
+ Pulse gain adjustable at cable bruise,bad connectors and other components with too less return loss.


Technical date:


Measuring Ranges                                                                        0-2000m

Resolution                                                                         0.25m / 1m / 4m, switchable

Accuracy                                                                                           0.2%of the measuring range

propagation factor                                                                         0.250-0.999

Storage places                                                                         30 for propagation and cable type

Dynamic                                                                                           44dB

Sensitivity                                                                         70dB

Digital filter                                                                         switchable for noise suppression of external interferences on the cable

Impedance                                                                         75 Ohm
Output                                                                                           F female connector
Output pulse                                                                         4V, 5ns, 20ns or 100ns width

Display LCD                                                                         120 * 32 Pixel, illuminated
Handling                                                                                           with 3 keys
Power supply                                                                         NIMH-Akku 6V/700mAh or AC/DC adapter

Power consumption                                                       80mA

Dimension                                                                         157 * 84 * 30 (mm)