SPM 2000


By means of its modular- ity the SPM headend series is very versatile and com- mands a great number of input signals.

The possibility of feeding international channels or own services (e.g. movies on de- mand, observation cameras, …) into the distribution network is very popular for hotels and holiday apartment houses.
If neccessary, a receiver free distribution network can be built e.g. with DVB-C, DVB-T or PAL signals.


SPM 2.000 – the new generation


The base unit of the SPM’s 2nd generation modular headend series appears even more efficient and user friendly. The SPM 2.000’s larger power supply guaran- tees optimal maintenance of the new HDTV modules and the durability of the system. Programming takes place via LAN port and laptop or directly at the control panel of the base unit.

The Modules: With the large range of modules, television and radio signals can be ide- ally edited and distributed, also HDTV programmes. Remote administration: The remote maintenance option “telecontrol” is integrated as standard and compared to competitors, cannot be beaten on price.

The SPM 2.000 tele10 deliv- ers an output each module slot. These outputs can be combined with MC filters and then sent to an external amplifier.

programming via PC complete administration via LAN interface firmware updates via USB 10 module plug-in slots programming interface and amplifier integrated LNB supply at every input LAN crosslink cable in- cluded in delivery


Specification :


Type SPM 2.000 SPM 1000 digi
Article no. 5525210 5525110
Module slots 10 10
LNB-supply 13 V DC 13 V DC
[per input] / max. frequency range 0,25 A / 0,4 A 47 – 862 MHz 0,25 A / 0,4 A 47 – 862 MHz
loss _> 14 dB _> 14 dB
Outputs 1 10 1
Output level (10 channels) each output 100 dBμV 95 dBμV (10 channels) 100 dBμV
Operating voltage 180 – 265 V~ 50/60 Hz 180 – 265 V~ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max. 180 W max. 115 W
Operating temperature 0° – 50 °C 0° – 50 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 433 x 244 x 177 mm 433 x 244 x 177 mm
Weight 8,8 kg 8,8 kg



SPM 1000 digi                                                                        

– 10 module plug-in slots

– Programming interface and amplifier integrated

– LNB supply at every input

– Easy combination of several units
– Wall mounting or installation into 19“ cabinet